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Bryce Kaye, EMDR Expert

Dr. Bryce Kaye

Dr. Bryce Kaye and Ms. Miriane Portes, LCSW are both EMDR certified and have had many years of experience providing EMDR.  In addition, Dr. Kaye is on the research committee of the EMDR International Association.  He has published in the EMDR Journal on the psychophysiology underlying EMDR effectiveness.

Nearly 30 years of research has shown that EMDR is an effective form of therapy for trauma and PTSD.  The Defense Department, the American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations and the Rand Corporation all consider EMDR to be “evidence-based.”  However, more recent neuroscience has shown promise that there are other avenues for dramatically removing pain from memory.  Dr. Kaye and Ms. Portes have taken components of EMDR and integrated them with procedures based on this new neuroscience.  It’s called HRG (Hypnotic Resource Grafting} and has impressed our clinicians with how quickly it removes pain when compared with our years of experience of providing EMDR.  It is common for a single traumatic memory to be completely desensitized by HRG in one session.

Miriane Portes, EMDR Expert

Miriane Portes

HRG is applicable to a wide range of problems:

  • Single incident traumas such as motor vehicle accidents, rape, combat, death of a loved one
  • Multiple traumas such as EMS work, multiple combat experiences, battered spouse syndrome
  • Compound traumas involving physical or sexual abuse by care-givers
  • Life-long schemas such as: paralyzing fear of disapproval, compulsive lying, inability to express desire, compulsive self-sacrifice for others, compulsive perfectionism, inability to tolerate prolonged enjoyment

EMDR required numerous studies over a decade to become fully accepted as evidence-based.  HRG is in its nascent stage and currently is only backed by our appreciable clinical experience.  It is up to you as to which modality you will choose.  We can provide you with detailed information about the underlying science for each.  Just call our main number 919 467 1180 and ask Dr. Kaye or Ms. Portes to return your call.