EMDR Therapists With Cutting-Edge Expertise

EMDR therapists Dr. Bryce Kaye and Ms. Miriane Portes, LCSW are both certified by the EMDR International Association and have had many years of experience with EMDR. In addition, Dr. Kaye is on the research committee of EMDRIA. He has published in the EMDR Journal on the psychophysiology underlying EMDR effectiveness.

Bryce Kaye, EMDR therapist

Dr. Bryce Kaye

Nearly 30 years of research has shown that EMDR therapists are effective for healing trauma and PTSD.  The Defense Department, the American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations and the Rand Corporation all consider EMDR to be “evidence-based.”  However, more recent neuroscience has shown promise that there are other avenues for dramatically removing pain from memory.  Dr. Kaye and Ms. Portes have taken components of EMDR therapy and integrated them with procedures based on this new neuroscience.  It’s called HRG and has impressed our clinicians with how quickly it removes pain when compared with our years of experience as EMDR therapists.

.You can read about the psychophysiology underlying HRG by downloading our technical paper. Both HRG and EMDR therapies are effective for treating the following kinds of problems:


Miriane Portes, EMDR therapist

Miriane Portes

  • Traumas – PTSD, history of physical or sexual abuse, combat trauma, motor vehicle accidents, partner betrayals, witnessing a death, etc.
  • Phobias – Fear of driving, fear of flying, fear of water, etc.
  • Schemas – These are unconscious rules that keep a person repeating self-defeating behaviors.  They are trained into a person during childhood.  Some examples:

” If I ask for what I want…..then I will be ignored or hurt, so I must always earn it by pleasing others first.”


” If I negotiate for what I want…..then I’m selfish and bad, so I must always sacrifice for others above myself.”


” If I don’t do something perfectly…..then I’m lazy and no good, so I must always do it perfectly.”


” If someone is upset with me…..then I’m doing something wrong, so I must always make sure others are happy with me all the time.”


” If I let myself really enjoy something…..then it will be taken away from me and I will be hurt, so I must always work and stay responsible all the time.”


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