Bryce Kaye is the author of The Marriage First Aid Kit

Bryce Kaye was licensed in 1979 after receiving his masters and doctorate from the University of Illinois with a specialty in personality. He completed his psychological internship at the Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona in 1976. From 1977 through 1983 he was the Director of Outpatient Services for Wake County Alcoholism Treatment Center. While there, he authored and directed a federal research grant that developed the outpatient program. He also researched the effectiveness of treatment and developed the family program as a part of his research grant. In 1984, Dr. Kaye started Cary Counseling Center which later became incorporated under the name Allied Psychological Services, PA in 1992. He has had years of experience in performing individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling, and substance abuse counseling. He is also a trained and certified EMDR therapist, having received certification by the EMDR International Association.

Dr. Kaye is currently the director of Cary Counseling Center and Oriental Counseling Center. He has researched and developed several types of therapies in addition to providing therapy for individuals and couples.