Consult with your therapist before downloading your intake forms. Your therapist will tell you which selections to make to find the correct set of forms.

Do not complete “Forms 2” until after meeting with your therapist and being requested to do so. These are more in-depth assessments for your therapist to get more information on your relationship and emotionality. If you are asked to download and print these forms, you may submit a continuous scanned pdf file of them using the file transfer mechanism at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you may bring them with you to your next session. You may also snail-mail them at least 4 days before your next session.

Please use the following file transfer mechanism if you choose to send files over the internet to your therapist. DO NOT USE REGULAR NON-SECURE EMAIL. Attach your file(s) at the very bottom and make sure you add your therapist’s name in the comments section to assist our routing.

Encrypted File Transfer