Download and complete these forms after meeting with your therapist. These forms are best done in 2-3 sittings. After completing these assessments, you can scan them all together into one continuous pdf file for each person and submit the file(s) using the secure file transfer mechanism at the bottom of this page. DO NOT USE REGULAR NON-SECURE EMAIL.  Alternatively, if you are meeting with your therapist in person you can bring your hard copies to your next session. You can also snail-mail them to our office at:

Cary Counseling Center

875 Walnut Street, Suite 275

Cary, NC   27511

Social History

Schema Q



Relationship Behavior Survey

Please use the following file transfer mechanism if you choose to send files over the internet to your therapist. DO NOT USE REGULAR NON-SECURE EMAIL. Attach your file(s) at the very bottom and make sure you add your therapist’s name in the comments section to assist our routing.