You may choose to either download the first link (CCC Individual Fillable Pack) and fill it out on your computer or download and print the contents of this page after scheduling your initial individual counseling appointment with your therapist. Please be sure to complete all forms, including signing the HIPAA form on the back page. Then scan all your images including the front and back of your insurance card and your drivers license.  Scan into ONE continuous pdf file (Adobe Scan can do this easily) and submit it with the secure file transfer mechanism at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can snail-mail the documents to our office:  Please type the name of your therapist in the text box of the transfer mechanism to facilitate routing when you submit your file.

Cary Counseling Center

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CCC Individual Fillable


Patient Registration

Service Agreement



Release of Information

Please use the following file transfer mechanism if you choose to send files over the internet to your therapist. DO NOT USE REGULAR NON-SECURE EMAIL. Attach your file(s) at the very bottom and make sure you add your therapist’s name in the comments section to assist our routing.