I believe that all people come into therapy already doing the best they can. The decision to begin counseling is a courageous first step toward making lasting life changes. My conviction is that you are the expert at your life; my job is to partner with you to help you uncover and access the abilities already within you. As a therapist I take a strengths perspective. This means I believe that people possess within them many of the gifts and skills needed to make genuine and positive change. My goal is always to listen to, assess and understand the unique challenges and strengths that each individual brings to therapy. We will then work collaboratively to identify any obstacles or patterns that may be contributing to the challenges and use your strengths to develop effective coping skills and healthy long- term strategies.

I am an active participant in the therapeutic process and I bring a variety of treatment modalities to my approach. I use a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, seeking safety, and motivational enhancement therapy, all grounded in a psychodynamic perspective. These modalities help us identify patterns that have not been effective in the past, develop new coping skills and perspectives to change these patterns, and build on the strengths that you already have. This approach also allows us to consider how your life experiences have led you to particular thoughts, feelings and choices.

I believe strongly in providing an atmosphere that is accepting, non-judgmental and empowering. I work to establish a relationship that is supportive and trusting, which lays the groundwork for us to collaborate toward your goals. Most importantly, my priority is always to empower you to make lasting changes. I look forward to joining you on this journey.

Julie Marshall