Hello and welcome. I’m Bryce Kaye, the author of this web site. I’m glad you’ve found it interesting enough to have read this far. If you think that I can personally be of additional help, we can explore that option together. We can discuss your needs and goals in a brief no-cost telephone consult. In this initial call, I would not advise you about what to do with your relationship problems. Rather, we would simply discuss whether a telephone or e-mail coaching arrangement for “marital first aid” or personal growth would be in your interest. If you do choose to start a coaching/consulting relationship, then there are some appropriate limits for what we can responsibly handle over the telephone or through e-mail. I cannot treat diagnosable mental/psychiatric disorders in this format. Such disorders are more appropriately treated in personal meetings with a mental health professional. Our consulting/coaching arrangement would be focused and limited to personal growth and intimacy/relationship issues. I’m also available for scheduled meetings and appointments in Cary, North Carolina. My charges for telephone consultation and coaching are $135 per 45 minute session. The charge for E-mail coaching/consulting is $45 per email response. Payments for scheduled consultations are handled through VISA or Mastercard. We can discuss more of the business details when you call. Your first step would be to send me an e-mail with the words “Request for initial consult” in the subject line. In your e-mail main body, include your name, a brief description of your goals, your telephone number with area code, and some times of the week when you would be available. Please translate these times to Eastern Standard instead of your own time zone.