Adjustment Counseling, individual therapy is the simplest and entails what people refer to as “counseling.” Adjustment Counseling usually involves a lot of teaching and prescribed exercises at home. A significant part of counseling is to teach clients about human nature so that they have realistic expectations of themselves. Clients are often taught how to more effectively relax, how to fashion realistic goals from their own needs and desires, how to journal to promote emotional growth, how to compartmentalize grief, how to confront and replace automatic irrational beliefs, how to use autosuggestion for shifting emotions, how to manage situational cues to influence their emotional states, and many other self-management strategies. Our style of counseling has a reputation for being very direct and friendly. Dr. Bryce Kaye,  Ms. Miriane Portes, Ms. Brandy Templeton, and Ms. Deborah Riley are accepting referrals for adjustment counseling.